Heidelberg Altstadt and Castle from the Philosophers Way
Tower at Hirschhorn Castle



We traveled to Hirschhorn today for the Ritterfest (Knight Festival) where we saw medieval forges, wood-working, rope-making, and combat and tried some local mead and wild boar then climbed to the castle above, which saw combat as recently as 1849.

After, we drove to Heidelberg to watch fireworks at the castle and Old Bridge to commemorate the most recent destruction of the castle.

Gate to Altstadt Neckargemünd



We tasted a couple local Baden wines tonight in Altstadt (old city) Neckargemünd during a small wine and French gourmet food festival, including a Gewürztraminer Trocken Sekt (dry, sparkling) and a Silvaner. The Gewürztraminer was especially good (for a white).

Afterward, we joined B’s family for a drink at their favorite Kneipe (pub) – a cultural rite of passage. It was a very German evening.